D.I.E. – Der Interuniversale Erdball, Inc.

English: The Inter-Universal Terrestrial Globe, Inc.

A student project by Andreas Kalinka, Florian Pfahl, Robert Meusel, Marc Kuhlmeier and Melanie Taylor

In the university course „Chance as a method“, 5 students from the Hochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld, Germany have created a fictional world reflecting on our reality.

Beautiful safe world – the media create an artificial environment for us, full of cartoon characters and friendly commercial figures. These distance us from real problems in society, like war, natural disasters or political corruption. The interactive world of D.I.E. – Der Interuniversale Erdball, Inc. (English: The Inter-Universal Terrestrial Globe, Inc.) takes these commercial characters out of their merry little world and places them into a new world – the „real“ world. If you start exploring, you will meet many familiar faces, for example the Smurfs, Super Mario or old friends from the „Hundred-Acre-Wood“.

This completely hand-illustrated universe is brought to life through animation in Adobe Flash. Action scripts access data from the world wide web, which influences certain events on the Terrestrial Globe. For example, the weather in one of the 4 countries or the latest news from the German Welthungerhilfe (a non-profit organization fighting global starving), reminding the user that people throw food away on one side of the planet while on the other side people are starving.

D.I.E. Inc. criticizes this universe that is built around us by the media in an ironic way. On the one hand, the user is pulled into this world, on the other hand you are continuously brought back to reality, for example when seeing ones own face all of a sudden in a Big-Brother-like monitoring base.

We invite you to travel to D.I.E. Inc. via www.die-inc.de.