D.I.E. Inc.

A travel guide to the Inter-Universal Terrestrial Globe

Let yourself be seduced by urban city life, beautiful landscapes and a flourishing defence industry. Here we will show you all must-sees for your trip to the Inter-Universal Terrestrial Globe.

Boom Boom

The name says it all: in Boom Boom you are promised action! Loads of tanks, multiple rocket launching systems, double-barreled shotguns and hand grenades. But of course our war-wonderland has yet more to offer: witness a real execution or have a guided tour through the refugee camp, if you are more of a culture vulture type. But a very special highlight is, of course, a trip in the Air Force One! Here you have the opportunity to laugh at pacifists with real pro-war politicians and assist true patriots in their mission against the axis of evil. But if you need a short brake from this exciting adventure, you can also visit our rainbow-hill, where you’ll be able to observe the indirect consequences of war in a rather authentic manner. Following our device: More war, no love!

Bling Bling

Don’t you just love the enchantment of skyscrapers and neon lights? Then our urban heaven is just the right place for you! Here you can even find family homes directly next to the factory buildings. This way even the small ones learn: industry just rocks! In a world, where watching the telly is still a main purpose of life for all citizens and where censorship stays important, even the youngest inhabitants can be sure, that every step they take is monitored. It’s a land of boundless media-overflow!

Land of natural laws

We certainly have a special program for nature lovers too. You simply love hiking through the wilderness, but can’t stand it without electronic devices, disposable cutlery and your personal furniture? No problem! In our gorgeous land of natural laws you will feel just perfect, completely free of rangers or annoying Greenpeace activists. Here you never have to run to the rubbish bin or take care of your noise level. We have prepared everything so that noise and dumping does not disturb the wildlife at all. Far from it! By throwing your candy litter or old batteries between the bushes you even take part in environmental protection! How come? It’s our one-world-lots-of-dumps principle. Years of research and a little bit of gene manipulation have made it possible that the pollution does not harm the poor animals any more, but now is even essential for an intact ecological system! Therefore: maximum relaxation but minimum environmentalism.

Yum Yum

A paradise for true gourmets. You are pampered by all kinds of wonderful and delicious tastes – starting at the traditional fast food restaurant for the whole family, going on with more exotic cuisine containing wild mushrooms and fat free Africans, finally reaching a most extraordinary delicacy: the faeces-milk. If you are the rough and tumble kind of person, you are gonna love our slaughter shed. Discover a catering service of the very special kind: you needn’t even use silverware, the roasted chickens will fly directly into your mouth!